Vocalist & producer in Drum & Bass and Downtempo with releases on:

Viper Recordings, Eatbrain, MethLab Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Othercide Records, Substinenz, Defcom Records, Ohm Resistance, Culture Assault Records, Bassline Agency, Onset, Intransigent, Guerilla Recordings. Subsonik Sound, Order In Kaos, Dubzilla Records, Zardonic Recordings

Born in Bulgaria during the communist occupation Ioanna known as Joanna Syze, immigrated to North America with her family in 1990. After spending some time in Toronto, Canada she ended up in Seattle, Washington USA as her perminant home.

In her younger years Ioanna found herself involved in many artistic ventures, from painting, crafts, acting to her main love, music. At the age of 14 making her first mash up mix tapes to later playing percussion in her high school Orchestra, Marching Band and a three year intense Vocal Jazz study at one of the nations best musical high school departments. After graduation in 1999, Joanna Syze found herself deeply entangled within the Drum & Bass scene first as a Dj, then promoter, a&r, major label manager, art director, engineer, vocalist and booking agent. 19 years later she still hasn't let go her love and dedication for music.

From those early days of co starting the Seattle based large scale events production company Kaos Theory alongside DJ Dowlz, to co running monthly events under Bassline Agency with her partners Onset. Not only did Joanna Syze proove herself as a vital part in how the Seattle Drum and Bass scene formed, but within her work as Bassline Agency she represented some of the worlds top artists from Spor, Noisia, Evol Intent, the list is long. Her contribution was noted by not only the industry but also in the URB magazine top 100 issue of who's who in our music scene. With further involvment with labels such as Defcom, Barcode and Lifted in detailed art direction and A&R. In late 2015 Joanna Syze was asked to head one of Drum and Basss's oldest labels, the legendary Renegade Hardware as label manager until 2017. She not only ran the label but also close out the company with the " Final Chapter " LP project.

In 2009 Joanna Syze returned to Bulgaria for a few years with the vision of getting to know her roots, the country, its beautiful landscape, history and people. It was during this time she began working on her album " Rodina " that later was released November 2011 on the New York City based label Ohm Resistance. The project was a personal conflict and journey in sound for both production and the vocals she utilized on most of the tracks. The project like much of her current work, was accomplished with the help of the scenes many top Drum and Bass producers.

As many fans around the world followed her story, Joanna Syze suffered with huge health issues that became public in 2014 that she continues to battle to this day from Chronic Neurological Lyme disease and Epilepsy. This has been a huge reason in her stopping to tour and travel the world as a DJ and refocus her time more on producing art and music from home. She has been very vocal about the need to continue to create no matter how ill of a state or circumstance one finds themselves in and that sound can be used as a healing tool.

Her next album " Surrender " is set to release February 2019 on Othercide Records. A much anticipated  album and return to her roots of what she has always been known for, dark, moody, emotional vocals and a list of featured producers that are the top of the cream in the current D&B scene. She also managed to release on the massive Eatbrain label alongside Nickbee in 2016, Viper Recordings with Mob Tactics in 2017 and Methlab Recordings with Exept in 2018.

These days Joanna Syze resides in the United States with her husband Luke also known under the alias as Mob Tactics. As time passes Ioanna is focusing more on the musical and artistic side of her work and always keeping her foot in the bussiness side of the industry. She plans to continue her work in Drum & Bass but also is set on putting together an all Downtempo album in the near future.  She enjoys incorporating many visual aspects via image editing, photography and video concepts. As her sound moves forward, her vision is for it to be side by side as an emotional, auditory and visual experience for her fans. 

" Stepping Razor " Cd by Joanna Syze 2002

" State Of Mind " T.Z.A. feat. Joanna Syze 2004

" Black Out "EP No Evil " Kryptic Minds & Leon Swtich feat. Joanna Syze for Defcom Records 2004

" Revised Mix " for Culture Assault Records 2009

" Not My Type " EP Ogonek & Cooh feat Joanna Syze for Metafiziq Records 2010

" Frozen Pathways & My Prey " Zardonic & Joanna Syze for Subsonik Sound 2010 

" Dreams & Dead Miracles " Zardonic & Joanna Syze for Onset Audio 2010 

" Amongst Villains " LP Silent Killer & Breaker feat Joanna Syze & Enduser for Ohm Resistance 2010

" Guerilla Radio Mix " for Dogs On Acid 2010

" Rodina Mix " for Ohm Resistance 2011

" Choke & STFU " for Order In Kaos out April 2011 

" Fractured State " LP The Sect feat. Joanna Syze & Coppa for Subsistenz Records  2011 

" Rodina " LP by Joanna Syze for Ohm Resistance was released November 2011, with various other side-projects in music and visual media compositions.

" Meant To Believe " LP Freqax feat. Joanna Syze for Othercide Records July 2016

"The Gears " EP NickBee feat. Joanna Syze for Eatbrain Records October 2016

" Fatal Attraction " EP Mob Tactics & Joanna Syze on Viper Recordings 2017 

" Renegade Hardware Final Chapter " LP April 2017

" Stronger " Exept feat. Joanna Syze for Methlab Recordings 2018

" Surrender " LP by Joanna Syze for Othercide Records out February 8th 2019 followed by February 22nd out on all other worldwide platforms and Spotify. Limited run of CD's will also be available.

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