RODINA is the Bulgarian word for homeland, and after returning to her native land for several years, Joanna Syze presents her debut album as a vocalist and producer. Utilizing the talents of the most current Drum n Bass and Dubstep artists on collaborations, including Balkansky, SPL, Zardonic, The Sect and Cause 4 Concern, the tracks on this near double album contort, twist and seethe while maintaining one consistent element - the malleable, acrobatic at times gentle or violent voice of Joanna Syze. 

The cover artwork reflects a personal dystopian conflict of what homeland means for Joanna Syze. Featured on the image is a self photograph of Joanna herself with the idea and specific art direction narrative she had for the artwork to be as personal and transparent emptionally as possible. By wearing a vintage folk Bulgarian outfit made of black it sets the mood for the internal battle of belonging. The concept of Bulgarian folk darkness on this album is deeply linked on the project, as Joanna was also on a personal journey to find her roots and what Bulgaria meant to her. 

Rodina documents the voyage of one woman's constantly changing environment in her return to Bulgaria and second home base in Seattle USA. With journeys through the world of Drum n Bass where she has been a globe traveling DJ for more than a decade, a new dip in the world of Dubstep and other experimental sounds. Her interactions with some of the worlds top beat smiths in past works in music, as a promoter and booking agent. Rodina is a landmark achievement for a debuting artists; we are proud to present this work on Ohm Resistance 




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